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We are passionate about health, well-being & nutrition and together have a combined experience of more than 30 years. Neither one of us has a direct cultural or educational background in fermentation. We came to this looking for answers, for a way to combine all the other teachings, looking for that key to long-lasting health. 

It's been over 3 years now that we have been making, teaching, eating and sharing fermented foods. In that time neither one of us has caught our too usual colds, flus, swollen glands, coughs and several old niggling health issues have cleared up, the same for our family and responses of our students and clients.

Fermenting feels like that simple yet miraculous answer we have been searching for long lasting health maintanence.

Both of us lost our fathers to cancer and have worked with clients dealing with various ailments over the years. After several niggling illnesses for a sustained period of time, Shawn set out on a quest through researching and discovered the world of fermenting. By experimenting, he changed the way that he approached food and inspired both his clients and Claudia, who in turn incorporated it into her daily life and introduced it to her clients. The results have been eye-opening.

We are not scientists or doctors, although the changes that we have experienced in our own health and that of our clients has been astounding. International scientific and clinical studies back up our personal experience with more and more scientists highlighting the vital importance of gut health, not just for physical but emotional health as well. 

Right now, we are living in an age where we are facing antibiotic resistance and epidemics of flus and other illnesses on a regular basis but since having changed the manner in which we eat, our immune systems have shifted in ways neither one of us has experienced before. Our ability to be immune to or have minimal effects of illnesses, despite being surrounded by them was unimaginable.

Results don't happen overnight as our health is complex in nature, but just like starting a workout regime, even if the results are not immediate, changes are happening at the cellular level.

Both of us are teachers and so our aim with these classes is to inspire people of all ages to get creative and realise that they hold their physical, mental and emotional health in their own hands and with time, patience and some adjustments, anything is possible. Don't take our word for it, try it out for yourself.  

Shawn is a Personal Trainer and nutritional expert for over 25 years, working with clients in the top gyms of South Africa (inc. Virgin Active) and Belgium (inc. Aspria). Raised in South Africa, he works with clients of all ages and has his private practice where he teaches classes and coaches one to one training sessions ranging from Exercise (in the field of stretching, core, mobility and stability), Nutrition, Health and Emotional Wellness. His expertise also involves determining and accessing underlying core issues which block the physical, mental and emotional health of his clients. 

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Claudia has a private practice working one to one with clients of all ages, providing trainings and teaching workshops Internationally. In the health and wellness industry for over 15 years, she set up and sold the award-winning spa and yoga studio, Serendip Spa; is a certified Dream and Imagery expert for the School of Images, New York; and the creator of Facelift Yoga trainings. She is half Sri Lankan and trained in Shiatsu, Hatha Yoga and Western Herbalism, incorporating the teachings of Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today, she combines her knowledge to work holistically with her clients be it emotionally, physically, mentally and/or energetically.

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